LOT 43 (NOT 11)

Casa Xel-ha is located approximately 15 minutes from the Acapulco International Airport. If you arrive by plane, just take this map with you and provide a copy to the taxi driver. If you arrive by car from Mexico City,  at the end of the Acapulco Toll Road, when you pass through the toll booth, your are given a choice to go to Acapulco Center or Punta Diamantes, .follow signs to "Punta Diamante".  At the end of this Mexico Acapulco Freeway, you must pay one last toll. After this last toll, you come to the end of the road where you must only cross the Highway to enter into the Mayan Palace Neighborhood. You will be stopped by a guards who will ask you where you are going, you must tell them you are going to "Los Terrenos Xelha".   They will let you pass this first guard house. Follow the road till you pass under a small bridge, you will see the Mayan Palace Hotel in front of you. Take a left after passing through the tunnel and exit the Mayan Palace Hotel entrance on to the street which will take you to the Casa Xelha. Turn right on this street. You will pass the entrance to the Golf Club and a construction of a Mall on the left. After you pass the Mall under construction and golf club, you will com to your first U turn and double back on the same road but in the opposite direction. You will see the entrance to the Xelha Neighborhood and see the Guard House. You will provide your entrance permit and show your picture id to the guard who will verify your arrival and provide you with the Keys and Access Cards.